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An invitation to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Slide Walk with us. Did anyone ever tell you that there are three parts to life? Given that you're here, you've already journeyed through the first part, and perhaps the second too. Now you're ready to enter into the third, where the sizzling stuff happens, where you transform your life. We call it living fully and fully living.

We'll introduce you to the three parts of life as your book, your bookmark and your story. Each part has an important role to play and we'll walk you through each one, so that you know how to fully utilise your life experience as a springboard into the most fulfilling part, the third, your story.

Oh, please do excuse us, we've been rather remiss in not properly introducing ourselves. We are Pauline and Matt, co-founders of Pencil. Five years ago, when our two lives collided, we quickly understood that our stories had a common thread. Busy lives, hard work, success, status. And tragedy. It is through the lens of this suffering where life came into sharp focus. Unwittingly, we had transitioned into the third part of life and as we did so, we learned that there's another way.

A road less travelled, where hurried, stressful lives are replaced by living on purpose, in wellness and in community. These three vital elements are the same three pillars upon which the Pencil retreat is built. At a luxurious location and over the course of four days, we will guide you through our bespoke programme of content. Just a small group of us will gather together, we'll nurture you and inspire you, so that you'll learn, rediscover and grow. When you return home, you'll be necessarily equipped to live fully and fully live, with transformed relationships, a new sense of wellbeing and purpose.

The Pencil programme is unique. It took us a full two years to develop, with the sole aim of transforming people's lives. Our content draws upon our learnings of Neuroscience from Harvard University, as well as Psychology and Mental Health from The University of Liverpool. We took great care in developing a programme with a clear arc, so that it builds like a story over the course of the retreat. You can expect content which is awe inspiring, yet practical. When showing you the 'what', we will always demonstrate the 'how'. You'll have individual time, activities in pairs and as a group. Whichever the format, it'll always be nourishing.

In addition to the spectacular setting, putting the luxury into luxury retreat will be Pauline, who has spent a career building VIP hospitality programmes around the world, for the Olympic Games. Whilst Matt's programme of content will nourish your soul, it is Pauline's delicious menu that will nourish your body.

If you think that the Pencil programme matches what you're looking for in your life, then take a look at a summary of our content in Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three. For further information, visit Who is it for? and Our retreat. You can also read a summary of our programme content, read our FAQs or contact us.

REWRITE YOUR STORY "In 20 years from now, if you were to look back on your life, what story would it tell?" Matt Janes - Pencil coach

Slide Pencil Rewrite your story with Pencil. Built upon the three pillars of purpose, wellbeing and community, the Pencil programme is delivered over the course of four days at a luxurious location in the English countryside.

Pencil's unique content was developed over a two year period and lives at the point where mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology collide, to bring life into beautiful, sharp focus. Once you’re there, you'll have a sense of peace and equanimity. We call it a deep lightness.
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