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How to reduce stress and increase productivity at work.


Stress is sickening.

Have you, or has anyone you know, been off work with stress? Join the club. During the last year, 12.5 million work days were lost due to stress, anxiety and depression. Not only is it costing us our health, but last year it cost UK businesses £40 billion. When these figures were released just last week, the government advised companies that they needed to do more to support their staff. The obvious question is how.

Stress can't be avoided, it's part of life. If it can't be avoided, how do we prevent stress from affecting our health at work? The answer lies in developing resilience. At Pencil, resilience to stress is something that we know a lot about. As well as our training in neuroscience, psychology and mental health, we're certified HRV (Heart Rate Variability) coaches. This means that we're experts in the science of stress and we offer our expertise to businesses through Thrive, our Wellness at Work programme.

We believe in prevention over cure, so we address the stress of company staff before it becomes a problem. This means taking a scientific and systematic approach to the wellbeing of a company's employees. HRV is the best measure of how stress is affecting people. Until recently, accurately measuring HRV and the impact of stress on an individual was limited to hospitals, due to the cost of the required machinery. Now, with our cutting edge technology, we can quickly and easily measure HRV in the workplace. We use HRV measurements as a basis for developing individual strategies for staff wellbeing.

These HRV measurements become the foundation upon which we build individualised programmes, to optimise wellness at work. Our programmes, which include nutrition, exercise, sleep optimisation and mental conditioning, develop an employee's resilience to stress. The result is improved productivity, plus reduced stress and sick days. To discover how Thrive can help your business, visit Wellness at Work. If you're ready to talk with us about helping your business, email Matt on

Slide Pencil Rewrite your story with Pencil. Built upon the three pillars of purpose, wellbeing and community, the Pencil programme is delivered over the course of four days at a luxurious location in the English countryside.

Pencil's unique content was developed over a two year period and lives at the point where mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology collide, to bring life into beautiful, sharp focus. Once you’re there, you'll have a sense of peace and equanimity. We call it a deep lightness.
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