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Discover your life's purpose at our luxury retreat

Slide Make your life extraordinary. When we were conceiving the idea of Pencil, we spent a long time deliberating about what to call it. We decided to name it after this humble writing implement because our lives are stories. At Pencil, we help you to rewrite yours.

Like all compelling stories, our lives have three parts; a beginning, a middle and an end. During the Pencil programme, we'll introduce you to these three parts as your Book, your Bookmark and your Story. We'll examine each one in detail, explaining the critical role they play in our lives.

If you've read 'Who is Pencil for?', you may be interested to know why our guests are almost always over the age of 30. In short, you have to have lived a certain amount of life before your true purpose in life, your Story, is revealed. Without an effective container, our Book, or first part of life, we have nothing within which to write our story.

A study introduced to us by world renowned neuroscientist Dr Richard Davidson, revealed that the average American adult spends 47% of their waking life not paying attention to what they’re doing. Instead of being aware of themselves and their surroundings, they spend almost half of their lives ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. We have no doubt that the situation is the same here in the UK. We are sleepwalking through life.

If we are not paying attention, how can we possibly know ourselves? How can we know each other? Over the course of the Pencil programme, we'll teach you how you can become more self aware, the foundation of discovering your true purpose in life. Self awareness is the first step towards emotional intelligence, the key indicator in determining somebody's leadership ability. So by practising with us, you can expect your professional life, as well as your personal life, to blossom.

Using a blend of neuroscience, mindfulness meditation, trusted techniques and critical thinking, we’ll help guide you, so that your purpose can reveal itself. We'll talk about the role of your unconscious mind, your gut instinct and its connection with your brain as well as explain to you the Japanese concept of Ikigai, a model for ensuring that your purpose is as sustainable as it is thrilling.

So that is a brief summary of Chapter One of the Pencil programme. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to check out Chapter Two and Chapter Three, as well as our guides to Introducing Pencil, Who is it for and details of Our Retreat. You can also read a summary of our programme content, read our FAQs or contact us.

REWRITE YOUR STORY "In 20 years from now, if you were to look back on your life, what story would it tell?" Matt Janes - Pencil coach

Slide Pencil Rewrite your story with Pencil. Built upon the three pillars of purpose, wellbeing and community, the Pencil programme is delivered over the course of four days at a luxurious location in the English countryside.

Pencil's unique content was developed over a two year period and lives at the point where mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology collide, to bring life into beautiful, sharp focus. Once you’re there, you'll have a sense of peace and equanimity. We call it a deep lightness.
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