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Discover what is possible between us

Slide I might disagree with your opinion, but I can't disagree with your experience. How connected do you feel? How often do you get to spend quality time with your friends? How regular are your face to face connections compared to those by text, Facetime or Facebook? How well do your work colleagues really know you? Do you feel like you have to wear a mask which isn't the real you?

Research from the Happiness Research Institute exposes the harsh reality that just 30% of adults in the UK are happy with their life. Tragic as this statistic is, it is of little surprise to us. The single most important factor in determining how happy we feel is the quality of our relationships, yet the stresses and strains of modern life are squeezing our authentic connections to a bare minimum. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Given their importance, perhaps it's time that we were shown how to cultivate authentic social connections. Chapter two of the Pencil programme does just that. Community is a word that's carelessly bandied around without sufficient attention nor explanation. We'll explain why 'Common unity' is so important, both in terms of how it benefits our lives and what happens in our brains and bodies when we enter into it. Then, we'll show you how. We don't enter into relationship with each other by accident, there are specific stages we go through if we are to enter into true community with each other. And when we do so, relationships and what is possible between us is transformed.

It turns out that even if I disagree with your opinion, I can't disagree with your experience. Once we truly understand each other's experience, through the telling of our respective stories, what is possible between us is no longer defined by our differences. This is as true at work as it is at home. Our working relationships need not be limited by their commercial imperatives. In fact, we'll demonstrate to you how world leaders use different leadership styles to build support and momentum, so that you can see new ways of communicating with your colleagues, clients and suppliers.

The Pencil content weaves between its three chapters of purpose, community and wellness over the course of the programme. As the content builds and as you journey with us, you'll learn what constitutes a wholehearted life and we'll equip you with the practical tools to get there.

So that's a brief introduction to chapter two of the Pencil programme, 'Community'. If you haven't already done so, you can learn more about our programme of transformation by reading about Chapter One and Chapter Three, as well as our guides to Introducing Pencil, Who is it for and details of Our Retreat. You can also read a summary of our programme content, read our FAQs or contact us.

COMMUNITY "Once I know your story, we are in relationship." Matt Janes - Pencil coach

Slide Pencil Rewrite your story with Pencil. Built upon the three pillars of purpose, wellbeing and community, the Pencil programme is delivered over the course of four days at a luxurious location in the English countryside.

Pencil's unique content was developed over a two year period and lives at the point where mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology collide, to bring life into beautiful, sharp focus. Once you’re there, you'll have a sense of peace and equanimity. We call it a deep lightness.
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